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RadiExposure is an all-natural herbal formula designed and proven to assist the body in combating alpha, beta and gamma radiation - without side effects. Our formula is gluten free, soy free, GMO free and is vegan safe.


Understanding RadiExposure

It is our mission to bring awareness to the public about the alarming levels of radiation we are finding in people and in our food and water - not to mention the overexposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, laptops, tablets, WiFi routers, WiFI towers, TVs, microwaves and more.

Dr. Warner and her team also make a plea to people being diagnosed with X-rays, CT scans and any other type of imaging tests that emit radiation to please protect your cells. Radiation is harmful to the DNA. It can damage a person's health and decrease their chances of recovery.

We offer an herbal solution called RadiExposure to help protect the DNA including the brain, bones and thyroid and assist in removing radiation from the DNA. Greater than 90 percent of people tested by Clinic Solutions are showing elevated radiation in their DNA.

Common sources of environmental radiation exposure are:

  • ​X-rays, Mammograms, CT scans, PET Scans

  • Airport Security Scanners

  • Other types of imaging tests or scans that emit large amounts of radiation

  • Communications equipment, e.g., cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

  • Fallout from atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s

  • Alpha - Alpha particles have a limited range. They are easily stopped by the upper most layer of skin, but the damage to healthy tissue at shallow depths is significant. The greatest danger is ingesting or breathing radioactive alpha particle dust.

  • Beta - Beta radiation, unlike alpha radiation, has some penetrating power and can pass through clothing and skin. It is more penetrating than alpha radiation but less than gamma.

  • Gamma - X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of ionizing radiation are used to diagnose and treat some medical conditions. This can be in the form of radiation that penetrates from outside the body or radioactive particles that are swallowed or inserted into the body. This is a deeply penetrating form of radiation.

We offer RadiExposure - radiation/heavy metals solutions that work. RadiExposure is a safe and effective way to protect and combat the radiation that our body's cells are exposed to on a daily basis.

Global Threat

There are several historical nuclear events that have left their mark of contamination around the world. Even though these events happened years ago, the effects of these events continue to linger and in some cases pose a continuing risk. From Chernobyl to Fukushima and other events in between, man-made radiation pollution is accumulating in our modern environment. Because radioactive pollution dissipates slowly, people are and will experience the effects from these disasters for a very long time. Radiation is odorless, colorless and tasteless. One cannot easily avoid exposure from this environmental contaminant.

There is an abundance of research to confirm that these sources of radioactive contamination deliver far more radiation than is commonly believed, especially scans that give off ionizing radiation. In a lot of cases, the benefits from medical scans, when needed, do outweigh the initial threat of cancer from radiation. However, while this is true, it is also important to realize that one's DNA could be damaged. The body's cells will attempt to repair themselves but many times they replicate imperfect or unhealthy cells. This can lead to DNA mutations and potentially contribute to cancer down the road.

​Our bodies can sometimes be bombarded by different types of radiation and/or heavy metals which weaken the body’s cells. A lot of it we cannot control. However, we can take control by supporting our DNA cells with RadiExposure.

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