Protecting yourself against 5G

The wireless industry and regulatory agencies want you to believe that 5G and wireless exposures have been proven to be perfectly safe. Dr Joseph Mercola begs to differ and offers ways to stay protected

As society adopts ever more wireless technology, we are increasingly bathed in high intensities of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Some EMFs are emitted by devices we own and use ourselves, but even if you refused to ever buy a cell phone or wireless router, you would still be exposed to ever-increasing amounts of EMFs, thanks to the growing number of cell towers, wireless hot spots and satellites that are used to broadcast these signals.

To make matters worse, with the advent of 5G (the so-called "fifth generation" of mobile technology) that's rolling out, your EMF exposures—and the health and environmental ramifications they bring—are about to increase exponentially. In the months ahead you will likely have access to 5G if you live in a large urban area.

Unfortunately, EMF damage can manifest in myriad ways, which include many conditions that are occurring in ever increasing amounts, such as decreased sperm count, impaired sleep, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's disease and cancer.

The single most powerful way you have to protect yourself from EMFs is to reduce your exposure to them in the first place. Here are the most important steps to achieving that.


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